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Federal funding for this website ended in 2003, therefore few materials have been added since that time. Fortunately, there is continued interest in culturally and appropriate materials, curriculum, and programs. Because of this, we have allowed this site to remain as an archive. Please feel free to use this site, but recognize that it is no longer current.

CLAS Special Collections — Program Descriptions

About the Program Description Collection

Welcome to the Program Descriptions Special Collection. This collection provides a listing of programs designed for a variety of cultural and linguistic as well as local and regional groups. We solicited materials from programs throughout the United States and its territories with a focus on programs targeted at specific cultural and linguistic groups, unique, one-of-a-kind programs, and innovative local programs.

*We have received permission to provide full text options for all of the Program Description materials. All of these materials can either be downloaded or printed.

We encourage you to adapt the information and format of these materials to your own situations and contexts. As you do so please remember to credit the originators of the material in your work.

Before you use these materials, please be aware

These materials have not been reviewed by CLAS.

They are included in our database for the purpose of sharing information with the field about innovative local practices.

We urge you to examine materials in other languages (original or translated) very carefully as they have not been reviewed by CLAS staff for their appropriateness or accuracy for their intended audience(s).

The Program Description Collection

Give Your Child a Head Start
Brochure: English, Spanish
[CLAS #CL00060, CL00071]

Clarke School for the Deaf Auditory/Oral Center
Brochure: English
State: Florida
[CLAS #CL02251]

Hadley School for the Blind
Brochure & Program: English
State: Illinois
[CLAS #CL00927]

National Center for Latinos with Disabilites, Inc.
State: Illinois
[CLAS #CL00480]

When all the doors seem locked...Indiana Special Education Mediation could be the key: English
State: Indiana
This brochure introduces the Indiana mediation in special education process. This process is to aid schools and parents to resolve disagreements concerning the identification, evaluation, or educational placement of students with a disability. Contact information is included.
[CLAS #CL00527]

Clarke School for the Deaf
Center for Oral Education English
East Campus English
Northhampton English
V.I.P. Program English
State: Massachusetts
[CLAS #CL02252, CL02250, CL02249, CL02253]