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Federal funding for this website ended in 2003, therefore few materials have been added since that time. Fortunately, there is continued interest in culturally and appropriate materials, curriculum, and programs. Because of this, we have allowed this site to remain as an archive. Please feel free to use this site, but recognize that it is no longer current.

Special Collections

What you will find in Special Collections:

Each section contains a wealth of information about innovative local practices. You will find brief descriptions of the materials included, information about availability, instructions for downloading and printing the materials, cautions related to the use of individual materials and many other relevant facts.

We hope that you will find the materials in the Special Collections beneficial to your community, program, or agency. However, you are the final judge of a material's usefulness. Browse through the four types of materials and decide which ones match your particular needs.

New materials will be added to each section throughout until the project is completed in December of 2002. So we hope you will return to the site regularly to check new additions

Before you use these materials, please keep in mind that:

CLAS does not endorse these materials.

In our efforts to locate materials that recognize and respond to the cultural and linguistic needs of families, service providers, and local communities we collected the materials from around the country.

This website is funded by a cooperative agreement with the Office of Special Education Programs in the U. S. Department of Education. The information contained in this website and in the materials of the Special Collections do not necessarily represent the views of the U. S. Department of Education.

Please send us your comments

We encourage you to post your responses to the materials in our Special Collections. We are especially interested in hearing about your experiences with these materials in your program or community. We would like to find out about adaptations and modifications that you have made to existing materials so that they are more culturally sensitive. We invite you also to contribute your own materials (Add link to "Contribute to CLAS" page) to the Special Collections database.

The Special Collections