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Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales (CSBS)

Wetherby, A. M., & Prizant, B. M. (1992, 1993). Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales. Chicago, IL: Applied Symbolix Inc.

The CSBS is a standardized, norm-referenced evaluation instrument that examines communicative, social, affective and symbolic abilitiesof children whose chronological age ranges from nine months through 6 years and functional communication age is between eight months and two years. Two purposes of the test are: 1) early identification of children who have or are at-risk for developing a communication impairment; and 2) establishment of a profile of communication, symbolic and social-affective functioning to provide direction for future assessment, plan intervention and monitoring of behavioral changes. The test is in English.

The instrument is administered by standardized direct assessment of a child's behavior. The caregiver presents so the child can respond naturally, encouraging spontaneous communication and play. Information is obtained from a caregiver questionnaire. Assessment is videotaped for analysis and scoring. Data are converted to scores on 20 five-point scales. Technical data are provided. Provided are a sampling video VHS, scoring video VHS, carrying bag, toy kit, examiner's manual, record/questionnaire forms, outline cards (2), and Windows scoring software.

The norming samples were collected in the United States. Approximately one-third of the standardization sample was retested because it was expected that the CSBS would eventually be used more than once in evaluating children over the course of several months. The instrument is to be administered by a certified speech-language pathologist, early interventionist, psychologist, or other professional trained to assess developmentally young children.

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