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Federal funding for this website ended in 2003, therefore few materials have been added since that time. Fortunately, there is continued interest in culturally and appropriate materials, curriculum, and programs. Because of this, we have allowed this site to remain as an archive. Please feel free to use this site, but recognize that it is no longer current.

CLAS Collection of Materials

If you find yourself asking similar questions, CLAS can help you find a variety of resources that may help. Since we do not expect a single practice or material to work with every member of a cultural or linguistic group, we have identified a range of strategies and approaches to help you make an informed selection.

About the CLAS Collection

This web site presents a dynamic and evolving database of materials describing culturally and linguistically appropriate practices for early childhood/early intervention services. New materials will be added each month through the year 2002. In this site, you will find descriptions of books, videotapes, articles, manuals, brochures and audiotapes. Visit the following resources at this site:

Search Collection of CLAS Materials, includes both reviewed and described materials that we have collected from all over the United States:

CLAS Publications include guidelines, reports, and other publications that have been prepared by our CLAS collaborators. The purpose of these publications is to examine, raise awareness and provide suggestions in the delivery of early childhood/early intervention services to families and young children (from birth to age 5) from diverse cultural and linguistic groups.

The Special Collections, include program descriptions, child find brochures, and evaluation tools. We have received permission to provide full text options for many of the materials and therefore they can be downloaded or printed.

We have Links to Web sites where you may also find information related to topics in early childhood, special education, and cultural and linguistic diversity.

Parts of the site can be read in Spanish. We hope you will find the collection helpful and share it with friends and colleagues.

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